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Techfoliance | 9 June 2017

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  1. Udi

    Check Pepper neo bank from Israel you can add it to the list

  2. also albo from Mexico ( a new mobile neo-bank

  3. Denisse

    Check Banco Neon from Brazil (
    FYI, Nubank is a great Fintech with a credit card service but is not a bank.

  4. You are also missing UniZest Ltd that has recently launched the Aspire account specifically developed for international students coming to the UK to study - here

  5. Hello Bank! as a neo-bank??? Seriously??? Please check what it exactly is: a “pretty” face on a VERY old bank (or, to put it more crudely, lipstick on a pig).

    • Techfoliance Team

      Hi Patrice,
      We appreciate that you took some time to leave a comment and add 2getherbank!
      As mentioned at the beginning of the article we highlight neo-banks as well as mobile-only banks. Hello Bank! is part of the latter category.
      Let us know if you have any other suggestions,
      All the best,
      Techfoliance team

      • Sorry, but Hello Bank! is so much NOT mobile-only that you are invited to go to a BNPP branch for some operations!

        • Techfoliance Team

          Ok, we stand corrected!

          That’s all the beauty of the open project, to get valuable feedbacks from local experts. Thanks Patrice! 😉

          Next update will include more details to avoid confusion.

  6. On the other hand, one true neo-bank worth keeping an eye on is 2getherbank :

  7. Organizations that were once NeoBanks but are part of a larger regular bank no longer meet your own definition on a NeoBank. I don’t believe Simple, Holvi, and mBank, for example belong in the list.

    • Techfoliance Team

      Hi Alex,

      You are right! And the same applies to Lunar Way or Final but how could we talk about Neobanks or mobile-only banks without mentioning these actors?

      Maybe it is worth noting it in our next update 😉

  8. Clementine
    • Techfoliance Team

      Hi Clementine,

      Thank you for your comment!

      We see Treezor as a payment solution for e-commerce and crowdfunding platforms but not as a neo-bank or mobile-only bank. Is there any specific reason that made you think that Treezor is a new generation of bank?

      Regards from Techfoliance Team

  9. Ferst Digital: Serves steps and SMBs in Canada.

    • *startups, not steps 🙂

  10. Thanks Patrice for mentionning 2getherbank. We are based in Spain, and yes, we can be a so called “NeoBank”, if that’s the word to describe a full mobile, client first and top user experience fintech company 😉

    Comming soon!

  11. *Coming soon!

  12. EQ bank Canada, Pepper Israel, B for Bank, OneSavings, Shawbrook, IPAGOO, Oakworth,

  13. Hi, is the first digital only banking in Turkey. It has 650K customers.

    Please visit for further information.


    Ozgur Koc Digital Marketing Manager

  14. Brian
  15. Avuba from Germany receives a worthy mention as well

  16. Meaghan

    Rocket Bank in Russia

  17. Roger Maine

    Check out Stack -

  18. Moises

    Hi, please take a lot at Neema
    Digital bank for migrant workers from Israel.

  19. Greetings from Russia!
    Please check out We are the first chatbot-only bank based in Moscow. Read about it at

  20. Mo

    Why is Tangerine bank part of this list? I am not sure if just calling branches “cafes” or “pop-up locations” or “kiosks” change the fact that it still has physical branches. It’s neither neo-bank nor mobile bank for that matter…

  21. Also please note Instabank (RU) has been closed in April 2016. As founder reports on media, there was not enough financing to leverage the advantage of “light bank” so it could grow.

    The news is in Russian but Google Translate might help)

  22. Hi! Please, add Waleteros from United States. Coming soon!

    The mobile banking for EVERYONE!
    Waleteros provides US Hispanic Consumers with a unique user experience offering all the financial services they may need. Waleteros helps you manage your money in a more affordable, convenient and safer way.

  23. Doug

    Chimpchange is Los Angeles based Neo Bank..
    It is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (CCA.ASX).. believe it is the only listed Neo Bank in the world so u get a look through on real growth number via announcements..
    Growing >40% MoM..

  24. Check out Pocopay as well:

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