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Techfoliance | 23 April 2017

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Blockchain at Berkeley – Part I: Partnership

Ronen Kirsh

Techfoliance is very proud to announce its partnership with Blockchain at Berkeley to promote the Blockchain technology and democratize its use on a wider scale.

Universities are hubs for cutting-edge thought and visionary ideas. Premised on this idea, Blockchain at Berkeley brings together an eclectic team of individuals, ranging from computer scientists to business leaders, to develop what they see as the technology of the future: Blockchain. While still in its infancy and often misunderstood, blockchain offers the potential for massive disruption in many industries. By positioning themselves as the bridge between academia and the public sphere, Blockchain at Berkeley provides the knowledge and education this rapidly evolving space so desperately needs.

Techfoliance partners with this organization in order to catalyze both entities’ expansion: the Berkeley-based organization will benefit from the webzine international exposure and Fintech expertise while it will provide unique technical resources and a presence on the San Francisco bay area.

More to come on Blockchain at Berkeley – stay tuned!

On the meantime, the organization is looking for advisors, mentors, and professors, who are interested in supporting their cause.

Please leave a comment below with your name or the name of your school if you want to join the community, we will connect you to the team!

Written by  Nathan Sexer / Jonathan Allen


  1. Dorota Zimnoch

    Im a business leader with 20+ years of experience in driving digital transformation in Financial Services. Im very interested in blockchain as Im great beliver in this technology. Would be interested to join the community for knowledge sharing

    • Hi Dorota,
      Please do not hesitate to contact me so that I can put you in touch with the accurate representative.
      Here is my mail adress: [email protected]

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