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Techfoliance | 1 May 2017

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#UK - Nouveau tour de table pour Scalable Capital, le Robo-advisor Germano-Anglais

6 April 2016 |

Dans la série Robo-advisors, le petit nouveau Scalable Capital continue sur sa lancée et annonce une levée de fonds de 7 millions de dollars qui vient s’jouter aux 4 millions de dollars initialement levés en 2015.

Lancé en … Read More

Discover 5 important Fintech figures for the month of April 2016

1 April 2016 |

Each month, our team pick-up five figures about Fintech that you must know to better understand the magnitude of the disruption going on in the financial world. This month, we highlight Fintech in Mexico, total investment made in Fintech, Blockchain, … Read More

#FintechApp - Stash veut vraiment démocratiser l’investissement

31 March 2016 |

“Commencez petit. Investissez dans ce qui compte pour vous, et laissez-vous guider.” Telle est la promesse de la Fintech américaine coup de cœur de la semaine que nous vous présentons : Stash.

Prenez 2 minutes de votre temps et investissez 5 … Read More

#US - Betterment, the most funded robo-advisors in the world

30 March 2016 |

More and more investments are allocated into robo-advisors, algorithms developed to make wealth management affordable for everyone.

With an additional 100 million dollars, Betterment is officially the most funded robo-advisors in the world with almost 205 millions dollars raised … Read More

#LONDON - Interview with Anna Mostyn Williams, Co-founder at Curve

24 March 2016 |

Our team met Anna, one of the three co-founder of Curve, a London-based Fintech that is changing the way we pay with our credit cards :

It has … Read More

#Brazil - Overview of the Top 6 VC funds involved in Fintech

2 March 2016 |

We have seen very interesting move in the Fintech sector over the past years in Brazil, and more specifically in São Paulo in payment and investment.

Latin America is offering investors huge opportunities since more and more VCs are … Read More

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