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Techfoliance | 31 May 2017

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Fintech World

| Fintech news coming from developed and emerging countries

#FinTechRoadTrip - Techfoliance and the Fintech Twins are now travelling together across the Fintech World

28 April 2016 |

Techfoliance initiated a Fintech Road Trip almost 3 months ago to meet entrepreneurs in finance across the world that are about to revolutionize the way people pay, invest or lend their money.

We already met Fintech start-ups in more than 10 … Read More

#BANGKOK - Interview with Lucien Tavano, founder at OhMyGeorge!

7 April 2016 |

This is our 3rd stop in our Fintech Road Trip. To celebrate, our team met Lucien, the founder of OhMyGeorge!, a Bangkok-based Fintech that makes trading accessible to everyone :

#US - Betterment, the most funded robo-advisors in the world

30 March 2016 |

More and more investments are allocated into robo-advisors, algorithms developed to make wealth management affordable for everyone.

With an additional 100 million dollars, Betterment is officially the most funded robo-advisors in the world with almost 205 millions dollars raised … Read More

#LONDON - Interview with Anna Mostyn Williams, Co-founder at Curve

24 March 2016 |

Our team met Anna, one of the three co-founder of Curve, a London-based Fintech that is changing the way we pay with our credit cards :

It has … Read More

A Road Trip across the Fintech World

18 March 2016 |


FOLLOW US on the Fintech map and CLICK ON IT to discover our first stop in France !

Read More

#Africa - Overview of the 6 most active countries in FinTech

15 February 2016 |

The tech startup ecosytem in Africa is booming and more and more start-ups are being funded by investors from over the world. According to a recent report published by Disrupt Africa, more than 120 start-ups have raised a total of … Read More