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Techfoliance | 19 January 2018

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#CuriosiTech – Discover the 4 Fintechs of the week : Lemonade, M-Changa, Grisbee and OvalMoney

10 May 2016 | | One Comment

Every week, Techfoliance reveals the most promising Fintechs in the world that will revolutionize the way we pay, invest or manage our money. In this week’s FinTech mapping we have : Lemonade, M-Changa, Grisbee and OvalMoney.


LemonadeRead More

FinTechRoadTrip: Techfoliance and the Fintech Twins are now travelling together across the Fintech World

28 April 2016 |

Techfoliance initiated a Fintech Road Trip almost 3 months ago to meet entrepreneurs in finance across the world that are about to revolutionize the way people pay, invest or lend their money.

We already met Fintech start-ups in more than 10 … Read More

#Brazil – Overview of the Top 6 VC funds involved in Fintech

2 March 2016 |

We have seen very interesting move in the Fintech sector over the past years in Brazil, and more specifically in São Paulo in payment and investment.

Latin America is offering investors huge opportunities since more and more VCs are … Read More

#Africa: Overview of the 6 most active countries in FinTech

15 February 2016 |

The tech startup ecosytem in Africa is booming and more and more start-ups are being funded by investors from over the world. According to a recent report published by Disrupt Africa, more than 120 start-ups have raised a total of … Read More

#VC – Overview of Newfund Fintech Matrix

10 February 2016 | | 2 Comments

Newfund is a french VC fund that have 120 million euros under management. With offices in San Francisco and Paris, it is among the most active investment funds in Fintech in France. As you can see below, all of its investments are … Read More

#VC – Overview of Partech Ventures Fintech Matrix

9 February 2016 |

Partech Ventures is among the most active investment funds in Fintech in France. With offices in San Francisco, Paris and Berlin, Partech is at the forefront of the revolution happening in Finance. Most of its investment are made … Read More

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